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Introduction of Common Surcharge for Maritime Transportation

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Due to various reasons such as ships, cargo, ports and other aspects, the ship may incur additional expenses or economic losses while transporting the cargo. In order to compensate for these expenses or losses, the ship shall stipulate additional charges in addition to the basic rates.It's called Surcharge or Additional.

There are many kinds of surcharges, and as some circumstances change, new surcharges will be cancelled or formulated. The following are some common types of surcharge:

1、BAF:Bunker Surcharge or Bunker Adjustment Factor  

2、CAF:Devaluation Surcharge or Currency Adjustment Factor

3、Deviation Surcharge

4、Suez Canal Surcharge

5、Transhipment Surcharge

6、Direct Additional

7、Port Surcharge

8、Port Congestion Surcharge

9、Heavy-Lift Additional

10、Long Length Additional

11、Cleaning Charge

12、Fumigation Charge

13、Ice Surcharge

14、Optional Fees or Optional Additional

15、Alteration Charge