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Ocean Freight Forwarder

Ocean Freight Forwarder

China Sunshine Shipping Agency handle all shipment from Shantou, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Hong Kong and the Pearl River Delta as the center, radiation to other ports such as Xiamen, Shanghai, Ningbo, Qingdao, Dalian, Tianjin… supply for professional service including FCL and LCL.

We establish long-term cooperation relationship with COSCO,OOCL,MAERSK,YML,CMA,EVERGREEN,APL,MSC and other shipping companies. We use the global distribution agent network, we can provide FCL, LCL and other related export transportation services, through supporting the declaration, inspection, insurance, wharf cargo handling, trailer, TAX, warehousing and other services that can be achieved on a global scale, or  transport door to door, and can provide kinds of distribution services, as reduce the customer's logistics costs. We can provide customers with high-quality, professional, efficient international container sea freight forwarding services in Southeast Asia, Australia, United States, Canada, South America, Africa, Middle East, Europe, and many other routes.

We establish long-term cooperation with COSCO,Zhonggu Shipping, Antong Shipping..etc to supply for economical, safety and stably domestic transportation to customers cover all cities in China.

Marine transportation service:

CY-CY  : Port-to-port service means conveying full container to the port of shipment to the destination port;

CFS-CY : Consolidation service means integrating the cargos of several shippers to one full container for export;

CY-CFS : Dispatching service means one shipper divide the container to different consignees after arrival at the destination port;

CFS-CFS : Bulk cargo warehouse-to-warehouse service means delivering the cargo insufficient for one container to the warehouse of the destination port;

DDU/DDP Duty unpaid/paid transaction means the agency shall be responsible for customs clearance and dispatch after arrival at the port. The difference is customs tax is unnecessary for DDU while DDP is not. The fees are charged from the shipper;

TRUCKING: container trailer, tonnage vehicle and trailer of cabinet freezer (with power generator);

CUSTOMS : customs clearance;

WAREHOUSING: warehousing include product category, tray, and reassembly, labeling and picture-shooting in the warehouse;

FUMIGATION: the professional fumigation personnel can be arranged for stamp and issue fumigation certificate according to the customs regulation of the nation for destination port;

CARGO INSURANCE: kinds of insurance(property insurance, transportation insurance, engineering insurance…)


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