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Air Freight Forwarder

Air Freight Forwarder

Air Freight Forwarder

Our company undertakes the import and export air transport business from China to all parts of the world.

The scope of service includes:

• Import and export air transportation from china to the rest of the world

• Customs declaration, inspection and insurance

• Packaging and storage of goods

• Door-to-door service

• Cargo tracking business

Classification of Air Transport Operations:

1.Import by air

Including international segment transport, import warehousing, import customs clearance, domestic transshipment, delivery.

2.Export by air

Full port to port,door to port, door to door, including domestic factory pickup, export declaration, domestic transshipment, port booking and operation, international section transport, overseas customs clearance and operation, destination transshipment and delivery services.

3.Domestic transportation by air

Domestic port to port, door to door "warehouse + delivery" service, providing transportation, warehousing, logistics and other value-added service package of logistics solutions, including for the personalized needs of customers to provide personal routing (transport) scheme, provide door to door delivery for e-commerce customers, the docking of the order system, secondary packaging, return, such as e-commerce services, as well as the inspection, bar code management, value-added services in factory service characteristics.


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