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Road Freight Forwarder

Road Freight Forwarder

Road Freight Forwarder

Road Transportation refers to the process of producing spatial displacement of goods through highway by using certain means of transport, generally mainly trucks as the main means of transport. In a narrow sense, road freight transportation refers to automobile transportation.

Our company has established and continuously improved its own road freight transport network, mainly engaged in the national port container trailer and regional bulk cargo distribution and transportation business, and has a high-quality long-term cooperative transport enterprise relationship system for operation and management, which can provide you with convenient transport services such as containers, bulk cargo, etc., real-time tracking of cargo situation through GPS positioning, to ensure cargo safety. This is the case.

It can also provide door-to-door, customs clearance and other services, relying on senior logistics expertise, equipped with advanced ground operations, assisting rapid professional customs clearance, in order to reduce logistics costs of enterprises, in order to obtain the trust of customers in good faith, and to maximize customer needs.

Through years of operation, in view of the various business needs of most customers, a complete freight management system and standard procedures have been established. For customers with special requirements, the company can also provide personalized freight solutions according to the customer's situation.

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