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Railway Freight Forwarder

Railway Freight Forwarder

Railway Freight Forwarder

Our company is mainly engaged in international multimodal transport of Sea-Railway, Sea-Trucks, Railway-Railway from mainland China to five Central Asian countries, Russia, Mongolia and major European cities.


We recommend Rail-Sea combined transport, that is, goods from major cities throughout the country are transported by domestic trade vessels to Yingkou port/Dalian port, and then to the whole territory of Russia via Manzhouli port.

Five Central Asian countries:

With the support of the "one belt and one way" national policy, all kinds of goods can be transferred from the place of departure to the inland cities such as the Xi'an, Lanzhou, Nanjing, Hefei, Suzhou, Yiwu and so on, and then leave the Alashankou to the five Central Asian countries.


Customers can choose their own classes according to the source of goods. We can provide the most reasonable route to meet customer needs.


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