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Notices for Export to Brazil by Sea

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1. Ocean freight must be showed in B/L

Brazilian Customs requires that all charges (including freight prepaid and freight collect) and details be clearly listed in B/L. “Freight as per agreement”is unacceptable. Brazilian Customs requires that all goods imported into Brazil must pay freight duty.

2. Telex Release B/L is unacceptable for customs clearance in Brazil

For all shipments from China to Brazil only can be cleared by Original B/L. Brazilian customs can’t accept any other type of B/L(such as Seaway B/L, Telex Release B/L, Duty B/L, To Order) . Telex Release B/L will be recognized as tax evasion by Brazilian customs.

3. Notice in B/L:

1Make sure show the correct container and seal number.

2Weight must only be showed in metric form

3Mush show the correct description of goods

4The addresses of consignees/notifiers must be in Brazil, and consignees outside Brazil are not accepted.

5Value declaration is not allowed in cargo description Office

6CNJP/CPF/NCM must be showed in B/L.

4. Apply for free demurrage at destination before shipment

Usually there’s a long time for doing customs clearance in Brazil, the demurrage in Brazilian ports is very expensive. Therefore, in order to avoid the high demurrage cost of production at the destination port, it is necessary to apply to the shipping company for the exemption period of the destination port in advance before shipment. The exemption period is generally 21-30 days.

5. Be careful to use of NOR containers (Refrigerated Container instead of Dry containers)

Some shipping companies will provide NOR container service. Although ocean freight of NOR container will be cheaper, but the free time in destination port will be much shorter than that of ordinary container. Shipping companies generally do not accept the application for exemption period of refrigerated container.